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The Roots

HI! I'm Rose, the creator, photographer, and voice behind Blossom Time Design.  Spending 25+ years gardening and landscaping in Colorado, has given me the opportunity to help hundreds of homeowners create and take care of their landscapes. For 18 of those years, I worked for and then ran the Horticulture Department at Fresh Aire Enterprises in Arvada, Colorado. During that time, I built strong relationships with many wonderful clients and honed my landscaping and gardening skills.


As a Colorado native, I know that it can be a challenging place to garden. You might notice that some situations and individual plants that I talk about in my blog will perform differently in other parts of the world. However, I try to write the "how-to" and basics to be relevant regardless of your climate. 


I have seen so many people get thrown into the role of head gardener/landscaper without having much prior knowledge of how to build or take care of their yards. While you could find companies to do it for you, I applaud those of you willing to take it on yourselves. This Website is for you!  I'll cover topics from the very basics of gardening to building some hardscape elements in your yard. I always love to hear if these blogs are helpful, how your garden projects are coming and where you might be running into problems. 


We are fortunate, I believe, when we take responsibility for a little piece of land because in doing so, we take on stewardship of the earth in a tangible way.  You won't find any "Man conquers Earth" mentality here. My approach focuses on creating beauty and the health of the ecosystem and the people and animals that live here now, and in the future. 


Gardening is really one big experiment and I welcome you to join me on this wonderful adventure!    

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